[SPAM] Re: [mod_python] Point of frustration/disappointment

Jim Popovitch jimpop at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 19:21:19 EDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-07-28 at 16:57 -0500, Jon-Pierre Gentil wrote:
> On Thursday 28 July 2005 03:56 pm, Jim Popovitch wrote:
> > > These are all limitations of Red Hat, and have little to do with
> > > mod_python.
> >
> > They are not exclusive "limitations" of Redhat, and the argument is
> > easily won when defining the differences between what a secure
> > production system is and what a development box is.
> >
> They seem to be limitations of Redhat to me:  My debian machines do not 
> need any sort of development libraries at all to run Python 2.3 with 
> mod_python 3.1 or 2.7. 

Debian, while quite large, does not encompass all other distros besides
Redhat.  ;-)  Besides, until last month running Debian stable in a
production environment was a PIA without a lot of foo similar to what I
am going through here now.  I guess my line of thinking differs
considerably from most on this list.  I don't want to replace all
(most?) applications just to make one work.  Apache 1.3 and Python 2.2
work just fine together.  Sadly the problem child is mod_python. :-(

-Jim P.

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