[mod_python] running multiple mod_python apps under one apache

Kevin J. Smith hockeysk8 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 18:37:35 EDT 2005


Firstly, my apologies, as I had thought I had previously seen a discussion 
on this topic but for the life of me I could not find it in the list's 

I am currently trying to run a number of mod_python applications on one 
server but it is starting to be difficult to manage and was always clunky to 
implement. What are the ways to configure apache so that two mod_python 
applications can run under one apache without running into each other?

Currently, if each project has a config file then the last PythonPath 
directive trumps all previous, among other problems that we have worked 
around and if they are running as virtual sites then they must stick to 
unique directories as it is a flat namespace according to mod_python. Is 
there a way to do virtual hosting of mod_python? There is also the 
long-standing problem of having to restart apache when key modifications are 
done to the code otherwise it does not properly re-import the module. 
Therefore, the application owners have to be able to restart apache.

I have looked into the linux vserver project but I thought I saw on this 
list a more contained approach. What are folk's experience with hosting 
multiple mod_python applications on the same box or virtual hosting of 

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