[mod_python] Sessions in 2.7 [trouble]

Gonzalo Sainz-Trápaga gomo at datafull.com
Mon Jul 11 20:41:16 EDT 2005

Hi, I just realized mod_python 3.x is only available for Apache 2.0.
Sadly, I realized it by reading:
ImportError: No module named Session
In my browser after having uploaded everything.

So I have quite a problem here. I have to find a (sort of) drop-in
replacement for 3.x sessions, and i have to do it *fast*. I checked the
links in the FAQ, and the only one that looks like it could work is PSO.

This said, PSO requires these options:
                PythonFixupHandler pso.modpython::fixup
                PythonLogHandler pso.modpython::cleanup
in an Apache conf file. My problem is, I am on shared hosting and PSO is
installed in my web directory, so the default python installation is not
aware of it, and therefore Apache can't find it.

I need either 
a) a way to get pso to work (is there any way to set these options from
python? I have a globally imported file where I can add whatever is
b) a suggestion on a simple, straight-forward package to manage sessions
(pretty much like what mod_python has!)

Thanks in advance,

Gonzalo Sainz-Trápaga (GomoX)
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