[mod_python] Articles on module importing.

Nick nick at dd.revealed.net
Fri Jul 8 10:34:08 EDT 2005

If I read this right (and please verify that I am understanding this 
correctly as well), that import_module doesn't/wouldn't support importing 
packages that just use the stock Python import mechanism.  It could be 
possible to call import_module in the __init__.py and in all the submodules 
to refer to any modules in the package, but that is left to the programmer.

Otherwise, you could import packages normally, just not supporting reloading.


dharana wrote:
> Graham Dumpleton wrote:
>> It is all feasible, except for Python packages which may just not be 
>> worth
>> the effort. I know it is feasible, because for how you are using 
>> things, it
>> is already possible and working in "vampire::publisher". ;-)
> I'm a bit lost with the details of the implementation, but a reocurring 
> fear that strikes me while reading some of the emails is: "packages not 
> supported". Could you clarify if with the new method you won't be able 
> to import packages or if you won't be able to automatically reload 
> modified modules inside packages?
> Thanks,

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