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Julien jcigar at ulb.ac.be
Thu Jul 7 03:04:16 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-07-06 at 20:44 -0700, David Bear wrote:
> I'm still trying to determine if modpython is right for me. I need to
> accomplish a couple of things..

sure it is :-)

> first, I will be using zope for all 'managed content', so I was hoping
> there may be some usefull linkages that modpython would have with
> zope.. if not, thats okay.

I'm not a Zope addict ... so no idea

> second, I want a fast way to run python code that would normaly run
> through cgi. will modpython run python code faster through psp?

PSP is just a way to convert text documents (mostly (x)HTML) containing
Python into Python code. You can use PSP as a template engine ... but I
personally don't like it, because the template becomes unreadable, and
the indentation is _really_ annoying in a template ...

> third, modpython just seemed 'cool' but I'm still trying to see where
> if fits with my needs. I'd be interested to see what others may be
> doing with modpython and zope together..
> finally, I'd also be interested in some comparisons between psp and
> php or asp... I'm attracted to zope becuase it attempts to separate
> code/content/presentation.. but putting code right in with the html is
> a very simple concept, and widely implemented. So I'm curious how psp
> compares to php et al in terms of performance, 'safety (security)',
> etc.

mod_python is a lot faster than pure CGI. In terms of performance, I
would say that it's a bit faster than PHP (depends of your handler). 
For separing code and presentation, I suggest the CLEARSILVER
(http://www.clearsilver.net/) template engine, which is written in Pure
C (with Python bindings) and is language neutral

> any input appreciated. I know these are rather vague questions.

I'm using mod_python since 3 months (at work). Before that, I used
mostly PHP for web. I would say that mod_python is really great (I think
I will not return to PHP ...).

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