[mod_python] mod python uses

David Bear David.Bear at asu.edu
Wed Jul 6 23:44:35 EDT 2005

I'm still trying to determine if modpython is right for me. I need to
accomplish a couple of things..

first, I will be using zope for all 'managed content', so I was hoping
there may be some usefull linkages that modpython would have with
zope.. if not, thats okay.

second, I want a fast way to run python code that would normaly run
through cgi. will modpython run python code faster through psp?

third, modpython just seemed 'cool' but I'm still trying to see where
if fits with my needs. I'd be interested to see what others may be
doing with modpython and zope together..

finally, I'd also be interested in some comparisons between psp and
php or asp... I'm attracted to zope becuase it attempts to separate
code/content/presentation.. but putting code right in with the html is
a very simple concept, and widely implemented. So I'm curious how psp
compares to php et al in terms of performance, 'safety (security)',

any input appreciated. I know these are rather vague questions.
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