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Lionel Roubeyrie lroubeyrie at limair.asso.fr
Mon Jan 31 11:47:37 EST 2005

Le Lundi 31 Janvier 2005 16:42, Jorey Bump a écrit :
> Okay, in order to avoid some the quirks of Publisher, let's give the
> module a unique name, like foo.py. Rename the index function to
> something else (I'll use "start" as an example). Avoid using the Alias
> while you're troubleshooting, and don't set the PythonPath for now. This
> gives us an URL like this:
>   http://localhost/topdir/webdir/foo/start
> Assuming cartair.py is in /topdir/webdir, it should be imported
> properly, because the directory in which mod_python is defined is
> prepended to the path (unless PythonPath is set).
I use index.py in /topdir/webdir (it's a framed page in which the others pages 
are also in /topdir/webdir. I can put out the .py because I don't really need 
it, but I don't find how to mix .html and .py files together (and I don't 
want to use PSP pages because I need to call others modules). The others .py 
pages use the publisher with a index(req) method, like menu.py which have to 
call cartair.py located in /topdir (and not /topdir/webdir!), and this is the 
problem. One time they can call cartair.py, another time not.

> You didn't mention the name of your published module, but it looks like
> you're calling it index.py. That's a bad habit you should break.
> Although it's offered as a convenience, it creates problems because
> newbies treat it like index.html and don't understand that you can only
> have one index.py per interpreter, regardless of the location. Published
> modules are imported into the root namespace and will cause collisions
> if all published module names are not unique. This can cause the erratic
> behaviour you describe. Used properly, it can allow you to use a module
> as the root of your site, but it's really just smoke and mirrors. To put
> it in a somewhat gross oversimplification, Publisher allows you to have
> only one index.py in your site.
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