[mod_python] pythonpath

Lionel Roubeyrie lroubeyrie at limair.asso.fr
Mon Jan 31 08:18:18 EST 2005

Hi all,
I have a problem with the PYTHONPATH. I have to import in the web pages a 
python module located in the topdirectory of where the web pages are stored.
For that I modify the PythonPath directive, but now Apache2 gives a "Not Page 
Found" error, and I have to demand three or four times the same url to 
finally have the web page. I also try without the PythonPath directive and 
set it in the /etc/profile or in the .bashrc of the Apache user, the same 
problem returns.
What can I do? 

Lionel Roubeyrie - lroubeyrie at limair.asso.fr

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