[mod_python] psp_site example doesn't work

Nick nick at dd.revealed.net
Mon Jan 24 12:45:34 EST 2005

While I don't use the publisher handler anymore, I agree with these guys. 
It *is* essentially correct behavior for python, but it is also 
non-intuitive and a stumbling block for new users.

I don't believe getting rid of the publisher handler is a solution, because 
it's a good starting place, simple to understand, and particularly useful to 
some folks.  It's a good way to understand how mod_python works, in terms of 
an example of how to write handlers.

Maybe the solution is just to document the behavior and explain WHY that 
happens.  As a relatively experienced Python user before mod_python, it only 
took a short time to track this down and understand the problem, but it 
seems like a lot of users are new to both Python and mod_python. 
Secondarily, make an import function available separate from the Python 
import facilities that implements something like what is done in Vampire 
and/or mp_servlets, while leaving the default mechanism intact.


Daniel Popowich wrote:
> I agree with Nicolas that this is a "bug".  Perhaps not a bug in the
> classic sense: something not working as advertised, but a design
> issue so gnarly, that it smells like bug.
> Thank you Jorey for your detailed email, but I have to disagree with
> you when you wrote:
>     This is consistent with normal Python behaviour, where an
>     interpreter loads modules from the current directory or
>     PYTHONPATH. [1]
> I came to mod_python after *many* years of intensive python
> programming and as a newbie to mod_python was caught by this issue for
> days.  The way mod_python imports files all at the same root level is
> very UN-pythonic.  After much hair-pulling I finally realized I needed
> to roll my own for mpservlets.

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