[mod_python] PythonOption access

Bo Lorentsen bl at netgroup.dk
Thu Jan 20 17:00:23 EST 2005

Hi ...

I am a quite happy mod_python user (writting a payment system), and I 
really like the combination of a OO language like python and a web 
server like apache2. There have only been two real issues, I have been 
annoyed about. One is the missing possibility to reload a imported 
module on update, and the other is the PythonOption access.

Will it be possible to access PythonOptions like log_error in a more 
global context (log_error is a function on the apache module), so that 
global values can get there init value on module init and NOT on the 
first incomming request ? I have some code that work around this, but 
its not pretty, and I like things to be so, and I don't understand why 
it has to be a method on the request module.

Is this completely impossible ?


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