[mod_python] Session management

Chris Curvey ccurvey at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 11 20:01:05 EST 2005

Chris Jackson wrote:

>>Depending on what type of apache configuration you run, one or more
>>interpreters will be used. Sometimes interpreters die and new ones get
>Hmm...it's interesting you say that somtimes the interpreters die and
>new ones get created because I'm running into a "problem" where I will
>test a mod_python page and it will works perfectly several times again
>and again, but then i'll test it out again, and the interpreter seems
>to "forget" the values.  I'll keep testing the page with the same
>values, and then the page will work again.
>It's almost as if the interpreter had temporary amnesia, or was in the
>process of dumping values from one interpreter into another
>interpreter, which seems to happen more often than desired.
>Is anyone familiar with this behavior?
Yes, that's the hallmark of getting a different interpreter.  If you 
need to hold "state" information, you need to store it somewhere else 
(like in the session, or on the filesystem, or in a database).  In other 
words, this would be the WRONG way to do things

class Foo:
    def doFirstThing(self):
        self.firstThingDone = true

    def doSecondThing(self):
        if not self.firstThingDone:
            raise Exception
             # do real work

Because when the call comes in to doSecondThing(), you can't count on 
getting the same instance of Foo that you got when you called 

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