[mod_python] Installing mod_python without root-permissions.

Erik Billing erik at ekhagen.org
Fri Jan 7 20:23:08 EST 2005

Greetings. I wonder if it’s possible to install mod_python on a debian 
system with Apache, without having root-permissions.

I’m currently developing a web-service using standard python-cgi 
scripts, but my application is now getting too heavy for it to work well 
as a cgi and I’ve started too look around for an alternative. Mod_python 
clearly seams to be a great solution, but there is one problem. I intend 
to host the service with a web-server provider that does not support 
mod_python. I have a shell-account thaw, and I am allowed to compile and 
install my own applications there, so I was hoping it would in some way 
be possible to load install mod_python on a user-specific basis.

As I half-expect this not to be possible, I still have too ask. And if 
anybody knows any other way to achieve an alternative to python-cgi, 
that doesn’t involve apache modules which requires root-permissions, it 
would be greatly appreciated. I have access to Tomcat and have some kind 
of thought of using JSP through JPython, but since I’m not so much into 
JSP I would really need a kick in the right direction.

Regards ..Erik Billing (erik at ekhagen.org)

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