[mod_python] Beta testers for "vampire::publisher"?

Bo Lorentsen bl at netgroup.dk
Mon Feb 28 18:25:34 EST 2005

Graham Dumpleton wrote:

>I would hope there are no bugs as far as what I intend the code to do,
>I'll take what you probably mean is what incompatibilities you might
>expect which would require a change to your code. I would expect
>these are going to be in the following areas:
>- Use of "apache.import_module()" or direct imports of application
>  specific modules using "import", would be preferably changed to
>  use the Vampire module import system. If not done, you aren't
>  benefiting much from changing in the first place.
That seems only fair :-)

>- Vampire is stricter about what data types can be published. One
>  can still publish all the basic Python data types, but an object
>  instance cannot be published by way of execution of its __str__()
>  or __repr__() method. Instead, you would need to define __call__()
>  for the class instead.
Sounds nice, and make it more modular for use of classes as return types.

>- Vampire provides an extended mechanism for interpreting form
>  arguments. For example, if you had two form parameters called
>  "name-1" and "name-2", they would be converted into a single
>  list where the parameter was called "name". Similarly, if you have
>  form parameters "name.surname" and "name.firstname", they
>  will be converted into a dictionary passed as "name" holding keys
>  "surname" and "firstname".
That is very nice, but I have already some some other kind of mapping 
myself, but a really good idea !

>  Thus, if you use '-' or '.' in form parameter names already, they
>  may get interpreted in strange ways.
Ok, nice to know ... for now I only use '_'.

>Even though many of the problems that were found in the original
>publisher code while doing this, as well as problems I have pointed out
>previously could be addressed, there are certain things that could not
>be improved without breaking backward compatibility. You would thus
>still be stuck with those limitations and quirks.
Ok, its sometimes nice to start all over, so its ok ... and one day this 
may end up as a mod_python package anyway :-)

I have been looking at your vampire page, and there is alot about 
extension handling, but I thougth this was a publisher substitude ++ ?


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