[mod_python] Session example and problems.

Shawn Harrison harrison at tbc.net
Thu Feb 24 16:36:43 EST 2005

donnie jones wrote [02/24/05 2:55 PM]:
> Hello,
> Could someone please give me an example of using the Session() 
> in modpython for passing data between functions?  
> I have been googling, but with no success..
> The problem I am having is that each time I reload a page that calls
> the function like below, it creates a new session.
> def test(req):
>   sess = Sess(req);
>   sid = sess.id();
>   if sess.is_new():
>     req.write("new session %s" % sid);
>   else:
>     sess.load();
>     req.write("%s" % sess['username']);
> I am printing the session id and each time the function is loaded
> I get a new session id, thus I cannot store data in the session
> to use in other functions...

class BaseSession(req[, sid, secret, timeout, lock, lockfile])
         This method writes session values to storage.

It doesn't appear that you are doing this. It only writes the data when 
you tell it to.

Shawn Harrison

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