[mod_python] Passing parameters to javascript from python script

Lee Brown administrator at leebrown.org
Tue Feb 22 19:39:41 EST 2005


Here's the 'brute force' way to pass data from the server to the user agent:

1 - Using mod-python, inject the following HTML somewhere within the body of
the document:

	<input id="unique_id" type="hidden" value="my_data" />

2 - In JavaScript:

	my_data = Document.GetElementByID('unique_id').value()

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I have written an application that queries a Firebird database from a web
page using Apache and mod_python. After the query my python script generates
gif files using gri and imagemagick. I want to automatically display these
images to the user but don't know how to pass the files names to a
javascript that opens the new browser windows. May be there an easier way to
do this? 


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