[mod_python] strange path when loading module

Jorey Bump list at joreybump.com
Sun Feb 20 15:36:45 EST 2005

Nuno Salgado wrote:

> document_root = .../www/data
> (1) .../www/data/nuno/index.py
> (2) .../www/data/nuno/cpost/index.py

Strip the path, leaving:

(1) index.py
(2) index.py

> What I'm doing wrong ?

You (via mod_python) are importing two different modules named index.py.

> PS: If (2) is .../www/data/nuno/cpost/index2.py, everything works fine.

That is the solution. Give your application modules unique names, 
regardless of the path.

A good start would be to put all of your mod_python applications in 
/www/data/nuno, making it impossible to give them the same name.

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