[mod_python] strange path when loading module

Nuno Salgado nuno at salgado.no-ip.com
Sun Feb 20 14:52:20 EST 2005


I have Apache/2.0.52 (FreeBSD) mod_python/3.1.3 Python/2.3.3 PHP/4.3.9 configured and:

document_root = .../www/data
(1) .../www/data/nuno/index.py
(2) .../www/data/nuno/cpost/index.py

the page generated with (2) has a link to (1) -> http://server/nuno/inde.py/.

when I click in the link I see in my browser address bar the right URL but the page that is loaded is (2) with req.filename = (1).

Only when I do Reload in my browser I get page (1).

What I'm doing wrong ?

PS: If (2) is .../www/data/nuno/cpost/index2.py, everything works fine.
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