[mod_python] Trouble with path= in apache.import_module

Damjan gdamjan at mail.net.mk
Thu Feb 17 04:48:54 EST 2005

> >I have a file /home/www/simpletal/tttt.py, and modpython setup to
> >execute a handler (irelevant but the handler is mptal.py) in a
> ><Directory /home/www/simpletal> config tag, so that the
> >/home/www/simpletal direcotry is added to the sys.path y modpython.
> >
> >In my handler I try to use apache.import_module. The problem is that:
> >
> >apache.import_module('tttt') # Works, but
> >apache.import_module('tttt', path='/home/www/simpletal') # Doesn't 
> >work!
> Try:
>   apache.import_module('tttt', path=['/home/www/simpletal'])
> Ie., path as a list instead of a string.

Excelent, thank you.
Maybe the documentation should be made clearer on this?

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