[mod_python] DbmSession with gdbm

Igor Stroh igor at rulim.de
Wed Feb 16 17:03:23 EST 2005

Wagner,Harry wrote:
> Has anyone had any success using mod_python with gdbm?  What do you
> specify as your dbtype on your session init?  I've tried a number of
> combinations, without success, such as:
> sess =
> Session.DbmSession(req,'/var/www/html2/mp_sess.dbm',None,None,'gdbm',0,0
> )

The dbmtype parameter is not supposed to be a string, but a specific
dbm implementation. You can safely skip all parameters after
dbm-filename, if you don't indent to implement your own session

This should work just fine:
sess = Session.DbmSession(req,'/var/www/html2/mp_sess.dbm')


P.S. It's all in the API docs :)

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