[mod_python] WebMail Server in mod_python?

Ed Lucas ejl at eberian.com
Sun Feb 13 12:30:01 EST 2005

Hi All,
    Are there any Webmail tools written on mod_python? (e.g. something 
like Squirrelmail or Horde).

I have been looking in what I imagined would be the 'Usual places' - 
Google, Freshmeat & Sourceforge, and all I could find are:


- Neither of which seem to be in active development.

That said, when I looked for Templating systems in the usual places, I 
couldn't see anything either. It was only after a week of link-hopping 
that I started finding stuff like Vampire and HTMLTemplate (actually by 
trawling this list for clues). I coulnd't find a Search facility for 
this list either, so apologies if this is a old question.

All suggestions gratefully received,
    Ed Lucas

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