[mod_python] Cookie problem

dagurp at heimsnet.is dagurp at heimsnet.is
Wed Feb 9 12:01:58 EST 2005

Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy wrote:

> Dagur -
> I have just tried this with Firefox:
>     cookie = Cookie.Cookie('eggs', 'spam')
>     cookie.expires = time.time() + 1209600
>     Cookie.add_cookie(req, cookie)
> and it set the expires correctly to Feb 23.
> When I do a req.log_error(str(cookie)), I get this in the log:
> eggs=spam; expires=Wed, 23-Feb-2005 15:11:47 GMT
> What version of mod_python are you using?
> Grisha 

I figured it out!

I tried the req.log_error(str(cookie)) thing again, and this time in the right
location (oops). Then the problem became obvious.

Since I had set the locale to Icelandic, the date in the cookie had Icelandic
in it and that's why it didn't work. After I set the locale back to english
there were no problems. 

Thanks a lot for your help!


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