[mod_python] Using mod_python for auth only

Josh Hoyt josh at janrain.com
Thu Dec 15 16:43:05 EST 2005


I'm using mod_python to implement a custom authorization handler. I
have the authorization code working how I want it to work. Now I want
to be able to use mod_python for authorization and specify a
non-Python handler for the remainder of the request. Is it possible to
use mod_python to handle just the authorization phase?

In case I didn't make myself clear, here is what I'd like to be able to do:

  <Files "foo">
    SetHandler foo-handler
    # Not SetHandler mod_python, because that removes the foo-handler
    PythonAuthenHandler myhandler
    Require valid-user

  <Files "bar">
    SetHandler bar-handler
    PythonAuthenHandler myhandler
    Require valid-user

Thanks in advance,
Josh Hoyt

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