[mod_python] Re: multiple html pages?

John Mudd johnbmudd at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 14:47:05 EST 2005

FYI:  I got a fix from kelly23 on http://www.webdeveloper.com, a HTML
forum.  All I needed is to put the wide table inside a DIV set to
overflow: scroll.  Now the table scrolls within its own space and
stays within the border.   This is what I was trying to accomplish
with frames but much simpler.


On 12/13/05, John Mudd <johnbmudd at gmail.com> wrote:
> I need to use frames in my HTML.  I thought maybe I could use frames
> and have all the sources in one HTML file (generated by mod_python)
> but HTML doesn't seem to support this.  I need a separate HTML file
> for each frame.  Any way around this?  It seems like a waste to write
> HTML to separate files just so Apache can then read them back.
> Could using PSP pages help?  Maybe invoke my Python code from the main
> PSP page, generate the HTML code for each frame, save that HTML code
> in python variables, have each frame use other PSP pages as their
> source, have the frame PSP pages just expand the python variables set
> in my main PSP page.
> Any suggestions?
> John

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