[mod_python] connection pool (newbie question)

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Tue Dec 13 22:41:28 EST 2005

chase3 at llnl.gov wrote ..
> I've looked at connection pool code for a persistent database
> connection.   I don't know where to create the connection pool.
> If in the handler code (I'm using publisher), wouldn't a new
> pool be created each time the handler is called?
> In doing a test, I think the web server is prefork MPM.

For a bit of light reading, check out:


This will give a bit of context in respect of to what degree global data
is shared when different Apache process modules are used.

Also, read through the past mailing list threads on resource initialisation.
Start with the following entry points and go back and forth through the


I'll have to review the past messages myself to try and work out what
might be most relevant and whether it does actually cover what you
might need to know, but it is a starting point.


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