[mod_python] Segfaults when running mod_python and mod_php4/mod_php5

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Tue Dec 13 06:00:51 EST 2005

On 13/12/2005, at 9:52 PM, Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> Anyway, you just need to play with it until you work out a reliable
> way of ensuring the request is handled by the process attached to gdb.
> The only other alternative is to see if you can find a "core" file
> which has been dumped by Apache when it crashes and run gdb against it:
>   gdb /usr/local/apache-2.0/bin/httpd core

One last thing. If it isn't dropping core files try using 'ulimit' 
to ensure they can be created. For example on my box I go:

   ~/Workspaces/ose-8.0 [506]$ ulimit -c
   ~/Workspaces/ose-8.0 [507]$ ulimit -c unlimited
   ~/Workspaces/ose-8.0 [508]$ ulimit -c

Then run "httpd -DONE_PROCESS", don't bother attaching gdb and when it 
hopefully a "core" file will be left behind that you can use with gdb


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