[mod_python] Segfaults when running mod_python and mod_php4/mod_php5

Daniel S. Reichenbach dsr at best-off.org
Tue Dec 13 03:56:52 EST 2005

Hi again,

I have been trying to find the reason why and where mod_python segfaults
on my
system for a while now.

Following the hints in the FAQ I have checked if mod_python, python and
PHP had
been built against different versions of libraries and as this is the
case in
Debian testing, I have switched to Debian unstable, where PHP and
are both seem to be linked against the same library versions.

Still, the issue did not change. Whenever I call any Authentication like
auth using .htaccess files on a mod_python enabled server, it will
result in
a segfault with a message like

child pid ... exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

in the error logs.

I have tried building the whole dependency tree manual from sources to
extra sure that there are no mixed dependencies,  and tried mod_python
as well as 3.2.5b. As well I tried to use PHP5 instead of PHP4 but still
segfaults stay the same. Following a hint from Julien Cigar I as well
disabling mod_ssl, but this did not have any impact. Still segfaults.

Setting LogLevel to debug did not reveal any additional information
where the
crash occurs, so I am pretty stuck here. I tried using the PythonDebug
directive as well as any other debug output related configuration
directive I
could find

Can anyone give me a hint, what I can try next to figure where and why
crash occurs? Should I cary over this to the development list?

With kind regards,
blog - http://people.best-off.org/~dsr/
gpg  - http://people.best-off.org/~dsr/gpg.asc
work - http://www.best-off.org/

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