[mod_python] Session Timeouts

Peter Sanchez pjs at packet-addiction.org
Mon Dec 12 13:58:21 EST 2005

I have a question regarding session timeouts. I would like to set the  
timeout, to say, 1 hour. Instead of whatever the default is now. I  
know of set_timeout() function, but my question is this. Can I use  
the set_timeout() multiple times? For example, a user comes to my  
site, logs in, I set the timeout to 1 hour. Every page in the members  
section checks the session, and every time a page is accessed, I want  
to reset the time to 1 hour from the time that page was accessed. So  
will using set_timeout() every time do that?

I hope that makes sense, but it probably doesn't ;) So here is a  
"flow chart"

10:45 - User logs in, set_timeout() to 1 hour from now (11:45)
10:47 - User accesses email page, set_timeout to 1 hour from now (11:47)

etc.. on and on it goes.



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