[mod_python] Compiling on X86_64?

Jim Gallacher jpg at jgassociates.ca
Thu Dec 8 14:09:59 EST 2005

Joshua D. Drake wrote:
>>>>I was able to fix this with passing LDFLAGS="-L/lib/64"
>>>err LDFLAGS="-L/lib64"
>>...using which mod_python version?
> Oh good point :). I was able to resolve my issue with 3.1.4 and Python
> 2.4.2 on FC2 by passing LDFLAGS to ./configure.
> I also tested 3.2.5b which worked as well with the above change.
> However, one thing I did note on 3.2.5b is that it wants to have a newer
> version of Flex. However FC2, FC3 and FC4 ship with a old version of
> flex.
> It GNU no longer supports the version of flex that is actively developed
> and it the newer version needs to be retrieved from sourceforge. You may
> want to make note in your docs.

You may want to read the output from configure more carefully. You only 
need flex if you want to regenerate psp_parser.c after making changes to 
psp_parser.l. Otherwise you can use the pre-generated psp_parser.c 
provided with the source to accomodate distributions that ship with the 
older flex. This is information is also detailed in the docs and README.


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