[mod_python] Getting request object

Radek Bartoň blackhex at post.cz
Wed Dec 7 15:11:46 EST 2005

> You may want to check out mod_python servlets which offers an object
> oriented paradigm for web application development.  Each request is
> represented by an instance of a class and the response is generated by
> calling a series of methods on the class.  Check out the link below in
> my signature.  There's a live tutorial you can try out.
> Daniel Popowich
> ---------------
> http://home.comcast.net/~d.popowich/mpservlets/

 I have seen this already when I was looking for something about sessions but 
I didn't pay so much atention what it worths. Now I look to this more 
carefully and I notice how do you do that. Unfortunately you are using your 
own handler like Graham wrote. I was only wondering if there is another way 
with publisher. Thank you.

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