[mod_python] Segfaults when running mod_python and mod_php4/mod_php5

Julien Cigar jcigar at ulb.ac.be
Mon Dec 5 09:05:55 EST 2005

Are you using SSL ?

I'm also running debian testing and mod_python segfaults when ssl is 
enabled in Postgresql ...
I don't think that the maintener of libapache2-mod-python is still 
active ... (?)

I suspect that libapache2-mod-python on debian should be recompiled 
because of some libraries upgrade ...


Daniel S. Reichenbach wrote:

>at the weekend I have installed a small host for my private software
>projects based on current Debian Testing branch.
>The plan was to install a SubVersion repository as well as the Trac
>issue tracker (http://projects.edgewall.com/trac/).
>I have installed Apache 2, version 2.0.54 with mod_python 3.1.3,
>as well as Trac 0.9.1 with SubVersion 1.2.3 as backend.
>Now I configured things according to this page:
>So far everything worked.
>Now I needed to add mod-php4 or mod-php5 since there should run a
>forum on the server, too. I installed PHP 4.4.0 and now things start
>to get strange.
>Both PHP and Python seem to work, as I can open the configured web
>sites, both living on different vhosts. Now when I try to login to
>Trac, mod_python will segfault. Actually it's this configuration part:
><Location "/projects/myproject/login">
>  AuthType Basic
>  AuthName "myproject"
>  AuthUserFile /var/trac/myproject/.htaccess
>  Require valid-user
>Situation: Trac site and PHP site work, until someone tries to login.
>Afterwords PHP will stay alive and working, each call to mod_python
>causes segfault in error log.
>If I don't have login enabled, Python and thus Trac will work. Is this
>a known issue or are there perhaps any solutions to this?
>What I have checked so far: FAQ hint on libraries. PHP and Python use
>the same ones. Disabling PHP for the login location, does not change
>anything. Without PHP everything works fine. As well tried to use
>AddHandler instead of SetHandler, this as well results in segfaults
>when logging in.
>With kind regards,
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