[mod_python] Caching Issue ?

James Mills prologic at shortcircuit.net.au
Fri Dec 2 00:02:03 EST 2005


I have a strange problem with mod_python (possibly maybe even with
clearsilver, but I doubt it).

Basically I've noticed, if I hit "Refresh" in my browser sometimes I
will get an exception:

  File "/home/prologic/www/helpdesk/helpdesk/module.py", line 70, in
      import neo_cs                                                               
      ImportError: No module named neo_cs                           

Here's a snippet of that code:

class Module:
   def __init__(...):
      import neo_cgi
      import neo_cs # <-- Line 70
      import neo_util
      self._hdf = neo_util.HDF()
      self._cs = neo_cs.CS(self._hdf)

Any ideas ? (I'm guessing some caching issue?)


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