[mod_python] Issues in apache MPM mode

Nicolas Lehuen nicolas.lehuen at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 16:17:31 EDT 2005

Hi Sébastien,

What version of mod_python are you using ? I suppose you're using the
3.1.4and so, yes, there are a few bugs related to multi-threading and
reloadings. A lot of work has been done on mod_python since the
3.1.4release, but until now we haven't managed to make any release, so
bugfixes were only available to those who were adventurous enough to use the 
latest Subversion version. Anyway, a new 3.2.0-BETA version is currently 
being prepared and will be available soon (we are making sure that no 
show-stopping bugs are present in the beta version), so hopefully, you'll be 
able to use a better version in a few days.

FYI, you can access the bug tracking system here :

Here is the list of bug fixes / improvement that are currently included in 
the upcoming 3.2.0-BETA version :

If you want to get the latest development version of mod_python, give your 
Subversion client this URL :

AFAIK the CVS repository mentioned in the homepage is no longer used. It may 
be synchronized with the Subversion repository, but the reference repository 
is now under Subversion.


2005/8/22, Sébastien Arnaud <arnaudsj at mac.com>:
> Hi,
> I have developed over time a small web application framework over
> mod_python, in order to help me write applications quickly and
> cleanly. I do intend to release it open source once I clean it up a
> little bit. 
> I wrote it with in mind targeting apache MPM (worker threaded), which
> seemed to me the best mode in apache to lead to high performance.
> Unfortunately, I am discovering that modules are getting reimported
> over and over in this mode, and this is causing apache processes/
> threads to eventually exit with a segmentation fault :(
> FYI the web application framework is Web Object Oriented (meaning
> that you map a python class to a url and view), and each page class 
> is registered has a child of main site class, which is then assigned
> into a site pool. This leads to quite some memory utilization, but is
> VERY fast in terms of execution.
> I saw that Graham had wrote a few patches to avoid those problems. Is 
> there any hope to see those checked in mod_python source code any
> time soon? For the long term, can we expect to have a flawless
> mod_python behavior in threaded mode? or do we have to be like the
> mod_php folks and target only apache PREFORK mode? 
> I just need to know so that I can rewrite/adapt my framework if MPM
> is not going to be fixed for a while.
> Thanks!
> Sébastien
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