[mod_python] Issues in apache MPM mode

Sébastien Arnaud arnaudsj at mac.com
Mon Aug 22 09:30:33 EDT 2005


I have developed over time a small web application framework over  
mod_python, in order to help me write applications quickly and  
cleanly. I do intend to release it open source once I clean it up a  
little bit.

I wrote it with in mind targeting apache MPM (worker threaded), which  
seemed to me the best mode in apache to lead to high performance.  
Unfortunately, I am discovering that modules are getting reimported  
over and over in this mode, and this is causing apache processes/ 
threads to eventually exit with a segmentation fault :(
FYI the web application framework is Web Object Oriented (meaning  
that you map a python class to a url and view), and each page class  
is registered has a child of main site class, which is then assigned  
into a site pool. This leads to quite some memory utilization, but is  
VERY fast in terms of execution.

I saw that Graham had wrote a few patches to avoid those problems. Is  
there any hope to see those checked in mod_python source code any  
time soon? For the long term, can we expect to have a flawless  
mod_python behavior in threaded mode? or do we have to be like the  
mod_php folks and target only apache PREFORK mode?

I just need to know so that I can rewrite/adapt my framework if MPM  
is not going to be fixed for a while.



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