[mod_python] Load Testing Tools

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Thu Aug 18 01:24:36 EDT 2005

IGP wrote ..
> Hello friends,
> I am working on developing a website using dbxml , mod-python , pxtl and
> python programming.
> I want to do load testing for it.
> Can you suggest any testing tool to do it ?
> I want to check the no. of requests served (concurrent ), memory usage
> , 
> etc. of the apache server
>  I am using following versions of software
> 1) dbxml -  2.1.8
> 2) python - 2.3.4
> 3) mod-python - 1.3.4
> 4) apache 2.0.52
> 5) Kernel version-2.6.9-5.0.5-EL
> 6) Operating System - CentOS 4.0
> 7) CPU - P4 2.26GHZ
> 8) Ram Size - 1 GB RAM
> 9) Swap Memory -1 GB
> 10) PXTL 1.4
> Please do reply if you know any tool.

You can start with "ab". This tool is provided with Apache and can be used
to do some simple load testing. BTW, you keep stating version 1.3.4 of
mod_python. Are you really sure about that?

Usage: ab [options] [http://]hostname[:port]/path
Options are:
    -n requests     Number of requests to perform
    -c concurrency  Number of multiple requests to make
    -t timelimit    Seconds to max. wait for responses
    -p postfile     File containg data to POST
    -T content-type Content-type header for POSTing
    -v verbosity    How much troubleshooting info to print
    -w              Print out results in HTML tables
    -i              Use HEAD instead of GET
    -x attributes   String to insert as table attributes
    -y attributes   String to insert as tr attributes
    -z attributes   String to insert as td or th attributes
    -C attribute    Add cookie, eg. 'Apache=1234' (repeatable)
    -H attribute    Add Arbitrary header line, eg. 'Accept-Encoding: zop'
                    Inserted after all normal header lines. (repeatable)
    -A attribute    Add Basic WWW Authentication, the attributes
                    are a colon separated username and password.
    -P attribute    Add Basic Proxy Authentication, the attributes
                    are a colon separated username and password.
    -X proxy:port   Proxyserver and port number to use
    -V              Print version number and exit
    -k              Use HTTP KeepAlive feature
    -d              Do not show percentiles served table.
    -S              Do not show confidence estimators and warnings.
    -g filename     Output collected data to gnuplot format file.
    -e filename     Output CSV file with percentages served
    -h              Display usage information (this message)

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