[mod_python] Performance Problem

IGP igp-dev at infogridpacific.com
Thu Aug 18 01:01:11 EDT 2005

I am accessing dbxml via my mod-python handler.
The dbxml manager instance is created  , the container is opened and the 
required operation
is performed(querying , geting a document ) for each client request . 
This is affecting the
performance . Is there any way to enhance the performance ? I mean that 
the XmlManager instance
will be created only once , the container will be opened and the stored 
in memory , so that the
response time will decrease .
I am using following versions of software
1) dbxml -  2.1.8
2) python - 2.3.4
3) mod-python - 1.3.4
4) apache 2.0.52
5) Kernel version-2.6.9-5.0.5-EL

Please do reply if you know the solution .
Thanks in Advance,

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