[mod_python] How do you specify the order in which mod_python Handlers are called?

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Sun Apr 10 17:22:20 EDT 2005

On 11/04/2005, at 2:16 AM, jarrod roberson wrote:
> So if I have 3 different PythonAuthzHandler's and I want them to
> process in a specific order, I have to put them all in one line? Or
> can I list them sequentically as in the last part of your response?
> That part I did not understand.

Based on what documentation says, I believe either is okay. You can
probably use a combination of both. Ie.,

   PythonAuthzHandler a
   PythonAuthzHandler b c

Thus, executed in order "a", "b", "c".

The easiest way to check these things is to write a little test which
dumps logging from each to the log file and see the order.


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