[mod_python] Req object shared?

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Wed Apr 6 19:50:56 EDT 2005

Jamieson Becker wrote ..
> btw, everyone, I also posted a quick and dirty mod_python status page to
> the FAQ on the mod_python site.. it basically pprints your field data
> for you, among other things. If you're familiar with mod_php's phpinfo()
> page, this is the same idea..

URL for the FAQ challenged is:


I also have one but not currently as extensive as your one as far as
details displayed as I didn't want to be revealing important stuff about
my site given that I have it up as a live example.


Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't be posting that, as it currently shows that
my site is held together with string and proxy redirects while I move
to my new site. :-(

The code for various utilities I provide with Vampire can be seen online
by browsing:


Unfortuately, SVN doesn't seem to set "text/plain" content type and
browser thus don't show you the actual source code properly. :-(

To see it properly can also go:


This is using a special handler which allows you to source the active
source code used to render my own site.


Since the Vampire source package is also my actual web site for the
package, no too hard to work out what to stick after "source" in that
URL and you can see most stuff with it being nicely formatted.
> Can you do an announcement on the list of vampyre with the features and
> how easy it is to install? (Is it in Debian by any chance? Does it
> require Python 2.something?)

Vampire has been announced on the list at each release. The site is:


A quick overview is:


The last release (1.5), will work with Python 2.3 and later. It is supposed to
work with Python 2.2 but I used a feature was only introduced in Python 2.3.
The version in the source repository works with Python 2.2 though.

Vampire should work with both mod_python 2.7.X or 3.X. Ie., you can still
use Apache 1.3 and older mod_python. A good thing about this is that the
drop in replacement for publisher works the same on old and new mod_python
where that supplied with mod_python doesn't.

It is provided with a standard distutils "setup.py" file form installation. Sorry,
no RPMs, although if you have the tools you can possibly create one using
the distutils "setup.py" file.


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