[mod_python] using callable classes instead of plain functions in handlers

Martin Slouf xslom03 at vse.cz
Sun Sep 26 11:28:43 EDT 2004


im new to mod_python, but not new to python, i used to do some jsp and php
coding but now im very impressed about mod_python.

im able to try this out, but id rather ask you for help first :)

my question is:

if you are using the mighty publisher handler, it calls a specified function,
based on request uri.

this is very nice, but sometimes i need the same coding in several handlers,
for example, if i handle errors in a standard way, i use the same code over and
over again (copy & paste with minor changes)

it would be _very_ nice if one could just create a class, use its () operator
(the __call__() method) and put some standard behavior in that call.  then
create an object of this class and publisher handler with request
would instead of a function 'my_handler' defined in 'index.py' would call my
callable object 'my_handler' created in 'index.py'

the MyHandler class could look like this:

class MyHandler:
      def __call__(req, ...):
	  self._do_some_special_stuff() # ready to override

if i want a special behaviour, no problem -- just subclass 'MyHandler' and
change the default behaviour.

anyone has tried that?  are there any frameworks using it?  is it slow?


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