[mod_python] PSP content-type problem

Kamil Niechajewicz kamil at nvstudio.pl
Sat Sep 25 23:42:31 EDT 2004

On Sat, 25 Sep 2004 17:33:11 +0200, Robert Fendt <rmfendt at web.de> wrote:

> I would suggest changing it to what the publisher handler does (if this
> does not break anything, but at least it seems to work for me), e.g.:

yeah, i agree with you. this should be changed.
i have different matter that concerns me. actually psp instantly
does req.write while processing the template, so its possible that
only part of the page will be displayed due some processing errors
(like using not supported by 'vars = {}' key name etc.) when it
occurs we get an ugly error inside our page that was partially
displayed to the user. that is not a very pretty solution.
i wonder whether there is an option of making psp some more
configurable when it comes to sending content to user. i'd like
to buffer it and send it at once (if everything went okay), or
send some nice page informing about runtime error.
what are the good parts of sending the content on the fly when
template is processed, and not buffering it and sending it later
when all is done properly? does it have some performance impact?

best regards,

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