[mod_python] Hiding textual contents of .py script (but keeping it executable)

Byron Ellacott bje at apnic.net
Thu Sep 23 12:00:53 EDT 2004

Rich Pinder wrote:
> Last first.  Apache 1.3.  Mod Python is configured and working just 
> fine.  Database is being populated from forms. I stumbled on this 
> 'oddity' totally by accident - and really think it should be fixed !!
> I see indeed how it should work, from your URL

I took a quick gander at the docs for mod_python 2.7, and didn't spot 
anything immediately apparent to suggest it might work differently. 
Unfortunately, I don't actually have any Apache 1.3 installations around 
to play with, so the best I can say is that you might have found a bug.

(Any particular reason to stay with Apache 1.3?  There are several good 
ones, to be sure.)

> But I have no stuff configured in any .htaccess files - and sure I never 
> saw THIS in the notes that came with samples I used. (see below for ver 
> numbers / dates for the components).

A .htaccess is basically equivalent to a <Location> or <Directory> 
configuration section.  I only used it because it's a lot easier for 
quick examples than altering the main config file and restarting.


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