[mod_python] .htaccess files in sample psp site

Jaco Smuts JSmuts at clover.co.za
Fri Sep 17 00:23:42 EDT 2004

Hello there

First of all allow me to  thank everyone for a great tool.

I've only started down the route of learning mod_python. I really like the 
idea's as set out in the onlamp article 
and implemented in the downloadable sample psp site.

I suspect there is an error in the downloadable tar.gz file though.

I tried to get it working, but my image did not display initially. That 
set me off fiddling with my httpd.conf file and eventually completely 
breaking it.

I've since picked up that the directives as included in the index.py 
source file is right; however the .htaccess file in the images folder 

Sethandler None

changing this to 

SetHandler default-handler 

fixed the problem.

It cost me more than a day trying to figure out what I  was doing wrong 
though. Please let me know if this is the correct solution. If so maybe we 
(actually someone as I don't know how  to do this) could fix the .htaccess 
file in the sample download. Also a comment in the index.py  where the 
other apache directives are mentioned specifically referring to  the 
.htaccess files would be a great help.

kind regards

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