[mod_python] Consulting Project: Anyone interested in porting a python bulletin board application to mp_servlet

R. Pelizzi r.pelizzi at virgilio.it
Wed Sep 15 13:05:39 EDT 2004

Vinj Vinj wrote:
> I found this link while searching for a bulletin board
> application:
> http://tboard.sourceforge.net/
> I looked through the code and it looks failry complete
> and seems to be a clone of phpBB
> I'm willing to pay someone some money for this effort.
> I'll have some specific features that I'll be looking
> for. The code can be released as open source and it
> will be a good reference applicaiton on
> modpython/mpservlets

I'm writing a Bulletin board with mod_python and mysql for an exam at 
the university. I'm still writing the underlying db-related code (so no 
mod_python code yet), so i could still choose mpservlets to write the 
html-related code. I was planning to use the standard publisher tough... 
i never looked into the servlets, are they that good?

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