[mod_python] Mod Python and SSI

Lee E. Brown Administrator at leebrown.org
Thu Sep 9 20:53:52 EDT 2004


I have several existing web sites that are extensively SSI driven.  Only
recently have I decided to try learning and using Python.  (And I'm very
impressed, by the way.)

So far, I've implemented a POST form using the publisher handler (works as
expected) and a generic handler (for a simple hit counter) that is called
from an SSI include directive.  That seems to work fine, too.

But it would take me a long time to re-code my existing sites to use either
the publisher handler or the PSP handler exclusively, so I'm wondering if
anyone has experienced any problems using SSI and Mod Python handlers
together.  I presume that I'm probably safe as long as my scripts don't try
to do anything that can't (or shouldn't) be done in the content delivery

Any caveats, cautions, or suggestions would be welcome.

Best Regards,
Lee E. Brown

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