[mod_python] Problems with mod_python on OSX

Jacob Kaplan-Moss jacob at jacobian.org
Tue Sep 7 18:31:51 EDT 2004

Lee --

Thanks for the tip on AllowOverride All; unfortunately, it failed to 
fix anything :(

On Sep 7, 2004, at 4:35 PM, Lee E. Brown wrote:
> No drive identifiers?  How does OSX handle having more than one hard 
> drive?
> I'm sure each drive has to have a unique volume name, which is the same
> thing.

Actually, drive identifiers are a Windows-only "feature" -- on OSX, as 
with most *nix-based operating systems (and probably others I'm unaware 
of), the basic concept is that of "mount points" -- a physical device 
may be mounted at any point in the directory tree.  For example, on my 
server (running Debian Linux), the root device ("/") is one physical 
drive, while all the home directories ("/home") are on a separate drive 
(which is actually a RAID).  Since I have only one drive (and only one 
partition) on my Powerbook, the drive is mounted in the default 
location, which is "/".

> Not to belabor the issue of an absolute physical path [snip]

So, yeah -- I can guarantee that the path indeed exists, and is indeed 
an "absolute physical path".

Thanks for your good intentions, but Apache on Windows has a very 
different set of quirks from the way that Apache runs on a standard 
*nix-like system, so I'm afraid I'm still where I started.


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