[mod_python] mod_python bake-off?

Nick nick at dd.revealed.net
Fri Sep 3 15:47:30 EDT 2004

David Fraser wrote:

> I think we're trying to do several things here, all of which are 
> important. It might help to itemize them, and decide on the best 
> approach to each one. I think this will be more powerful than just a 
> simple "who's the best?" result - although we could do that for fun too...

(big ol' list of stuff deleted)

This is getting to be really complex, if you want to demonstrate all that. 
I rather prefer the KISS approach that makes it easy to identify how a 
framework addresses a (fairly) common task.  To me, even benchmarking seems 
out of scope, unless you're talking about pure bit pushing power of tasks 
performed entirely within the framework itself.

Because this is Python, and if you really can use Python in a framework, 
that means you could just as well use an extension module that does 
connection pooling and so forth for your database connection.  So how fast 
it performs database operations seems moot.  So, therefore, the more 
interesting item is how the framework lets you integrate/use standard Python 
modules, not which particular one you're using.  If we're going to say 
MySQL, I think it's a matter of showing how MySQL is accessed using the 
framework, not how will it performs.  Because sooner or later it's going to 
be the standard DB API module, yes?

So I think the important thing to focus on is how the framework integrates 
with Python #1 to allow you to write applications.  Then comes your 
"standard" web application tools you need to write stateful applications, 
such as sessions, or you could even call it "server interaction."

In summary, I'd like to see a short list of criteria rather than a long one. 
  And the end result should be a collection of applications written in the 
different frameworks for people to evaluate for themselves rather than some 
list of things to make up a report card where they're all rated on an 
arbitrary scale against an arbitrary list of features.


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