[mod_python] mod_python bake-off?

Nick nick at dd.revealed.net
Fri Sep 3 09:40:14 EDT 2004

Jorey Bump wrote:
>> Not all frameworks are designed for that
>> purpose, and a LOT of developers prefer the MVC model.  Otherwise
>> there wouldn't be JSP in an otherwise fine Servlet/J2EE world.
> It's ironic that anyone would think that embedding code in an HTML page 
> supports the separation of presentation from logic. It seems like more 
> of an institutional concern (which is also important). I consider it a 
> weakness of PHP, PSP, ASP, or JSP that the application code can become 
> so easily obscured, and I'm not alone.

If you consider that JSP, ColdFusion, and PSE (an others) support the use of 
custom tags, I think you *can* achieve a good amount of separation of code 
from presentation.  Sure, your GUI dude(tte) has to learn some special tags, 
but they're not seeing, using or manipulating code.


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