[mod_python] mod_python bake-off?

Paul D. Eden peden at americanphysicians.net
Thu Sep 2 09:47:06 EDT 2004

> What I believe is more important, whatever the candidate project may be, is that
> a single initial set of mock up web pages be developed by someone who is good at
> web design and that everyone use these as a starting point. In other words, the
> final design of each implementation should look more or less the same to the user.
> The only thing that should really change is the underlying implementation which
> supports it. If the user facing interface is always the same, it would make it easier
> for someone evaluating the different implementations to see how each differs.
> If everyone were free to come up with totally different page designs and features,
> would be much harder to compare.
> Thus, start with raw HTML mock up pages which could be viewed statically with
> some dummy data. PSP people could take that and convert them into PSP. The
> mpservlet people could convert them to their way of doing things, similarly for
> Albatross etc etc.
> Someone evalulating it can then look at how a particular static HTML page gets
> translated into a dynamic page in a particular implementation.
> BTW, there may need to be two reference HTML designs. One for old style HTML
> table driven approaches and one for CSS driven designs where HTML tables aren't
> used for layout. This may be appropriate as different implementation methods
> may be biased towards one or the other.
The mock up pages is a great idea.  I had the luxury of having full-time designers
to work with at a company before.  We new what it was to look like and then
we make it work, it is it applicable to real-world business apps.

It will also make comparison between submissions easier.

Paul Eden
peden at americanphysicians dot net

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