[mod_python] mod_python bake-off?

Nick nick at dd.revealed.net
Thu Sep 2 10:01:24 EDT 2004

Nic Ferrier wrote:

> I think something with a business focus and a database back end would
> be ideal. It really annoys me when I'm trying to learn something and
> the application is something I can't really engage with (like a card
> game or the pet store).

I agree; whatever it is should fit into the LAMP development model for a 
good comparison not only with other Python frameworks, but with other web 
application development environments such as JSP, PHP, ASP, etc.

> - a timesheet management system: create a time sheet, amend a
>   timesheet, list timesheets, report total time.

That seems reasonable because it's very finite, encompasses all the aspects 
of DB operations, and it's short enough to be completed in spare time rather 
than as some kind of full-blown, out of control system.

> - a project resource management system: create projects, create
>   time and cost resources, map resources to projects, report on the
>   results

A little long, requiring some specialized project management knowledge that 
could make or break the usefulness of the darned thing.  If you keep it 
simple, then everybody will be able to follow the applicaion flow and logic. 
  This seems too complex for that.

> Alternately, even though I hate it, how about pet store?

Ugh. God, no.


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