[mod_python] mod_python bake-off?

Michael C. Neel neel at mediapulse.com
Thu Sep 2 10:00:12 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-01 at 19:26, steven a wrote:

> unless some web designers who don't know programming got involved; i
> don't see how we would see any benefit.  one the other hand if they
> need get involved in the bake-off then that could be interesting.
> otherwise it is just programmers guessing how web designers will use
> the framework.
> are there any web desigers on the mod_python mailing list?

They are not on the list here, but we work with designers on every
site/app.  Our normal flow will have one guy design, one guy prototype
and one guy program.  We use Albatross as our framework, and in fact it
has been so successful that it has become a critical peice of our
development that we have choosen to maintain our own version of the
system, calling it SnakeSkin.  (as an aside we'll be making our version
open source here shortly, so I suppose there will be yet another
framework out there for everyone to complain about ;).

What has worked for us in Albatross/SnakeSkin is that everyone can work
on the site/app and not have to get someone else's help.  Designer's
have no trouble hitting the site in Dreamweaver and changing things
around, and we (the programmers) can get in with vi on our code and not
break the design.  It's also allowed us to develop some standardized
componets that we can take to any site/app and use as needed.  Also, an
unexpected perk, the designers have gained a better understanding of
programming and now apply more logic to the way the approach the
execution of the design in templates and macros (includes).  Also,
because python isn't all that scary of a language, some of them have
even gained a few python skills in the process.

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