[mod_python] Objects instead of function for forms

Jean-Philippe Barrette-LaPierre jpbarrette at savoirfairelinux.net
Wed Sep 1 17:07:09 EDT 2004

I checked on the publisher module to see if there's a way to set objects to 
handle requests instead of functions and I didn't really understood how it's 
supposed to work.

I wanted to have something like this:

----------- form.py -----------
class Action:
   def __init__(self):
      """Special handling get there"""

   def __str__(self):
      return "This is an action"

class MyAction(Action):
   def __init__(self):

   def __str__(self):
       return "This is my action"
----------- form.py -----------

There's the HTML form:

<form action="form/MyAction" method="POST">
        <input type="text" name="customer[test]"/>
        <input type="submit"/>

The only thing It outputs is the name of module and class:


Does mod_python do that in purpose, or can I submit some code that will handle 
this in the publisher?

Jean-Philippe Barrette-LaPierre
Maintener of cURLpp

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